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Council Tax Continues to Fall! - 25/02/2015


Llanelli Rural Council residents continue to see a fall in their Council Tax bill following the Council’s decision to reduce its precept for 2015/16.

The decision was reached at a Special Council meeting held on 23 February, 2015, where Members met to discuss the budget for the year ahead. It was agreed that the charge per ‘Band D’ property will be £124.39 giving a decrease of 83p.

Council Leader Cllr. Carol Rees stated, “The Council is well placed to deliver its financial plans with no detrimental impact on service provision. The capital schemes budget is satisfactory and there are sufficient funds in earmarked reserves to carry forward four capital schemes into 2015/16. The capital reserves will be revisited next year following completion of necessary works at the administrative and depot bases. General reserve balances are also good; the Council can plan ahead with some degree of confidence without exposing itself to any unnecessary or unforeseen risk.”

“The impact of Carmarthenshire County Council’s asset transfer programme on the Council’s resources will be monitored and the wider impact upon our communities. However, the Council has taken positive action to respond to the challenge of supporting important community assets and in looking to sustain local groups. The Council has retained a £10,000 budget for supporting local sports groups but more importantly it will soon have its own dedicated Community Development Officer in post to provide even more direct community support going forward.”

“All other services will continue including the successful delivery of a range of Work Based Learning Programmes as part of the Skills Academy Wales Consortium.”


For further information, please contact:
Llanelli Rural Council Deputy Clerk (Administration), Mrs Wendy Evans on 01554 774103
24 February, 2015.

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